GLAMAZON comes at you with the musical force of a Hurricane!

Controversial – Metal Techno

Powerful | Melodic | Cutting Edge | Techno | Blistering Guitars. One of the few rock bands with a transgender lead singer who also plays guitar, Glamazon blazed the trail of musical innovation in the mid 90s. Electronica meets Metal | Rock ..

Transgendered Lead Singer | Guitarist Writer Christine Beatty and The Best Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata created a rock spectacle that was ahead of its time and still amazes audiences world wide!

The pairing of these two gives rock audiences much to wonder about. Their material combines aggressive metal with sophisticated electronica and midi equipment. A super-sonic experience as several critics put it. Granted, Glamazon could easily be dismissed as a novelty act or full of gimmickry but make no mistake: Those two rock divas SHRED and their material is stellar.

Christine was born a boy and transitioned into a beautiful, talented woman. Her experiences as a transgendered woman and rock musician are detailed in her extensive writing, as well as song material for Glamazon. She is a most respected advocate in the transgendered community and tirelessly furthers the cause of all. She is a published author. She also founded Glamazon Productions, an Independent Film Company. It showcases her work as a film maker, storyteller and director.

However, music is one of Christine’s greatest passions and she found a worthy outlet in Glamazon.

unique | vision is everything

blistering – massive – innovative

shredding – melodic guitar ! Experience The Power!

Glamazon comes screaming at you with a hard hitting cyber rock style. Maybe the only Transgender Cyber Rock Band around. They consist of 2 women guitarists and sound like they have way more in the band, due to their great amount of talent! KROQ