Christine Beatty – a transgendered journey

Her path is one of courage, perserverance, talents on many levels, and above all, a will to succeed!

GLAMAZON – the music, the band

Her lifelong passion for music has led the path to various music projects. The most important one being the co-founder of GLAMAZON. Along with Female Guitarist Shredmistress Rynata, she created a ground-breaking rock spectacle. Bold in its vision, advanced in technology, GLAMAZON became the beacon for what a transgendered woman, or, women in general, can achieve in the rock music scene.

Backed by a revolving door of drummers and bass players, Christine and Rynata decided to change the format. They went digital. R2D2, as they affectionately called it, became their rhythm section.

GLAMAZON the futuristic rock band…. was born!


Christine published her first short stories and poems in 1993 in a small booklet called Misery Loves Company. A revised version 2.0 came out a few years ago. Gripping tales of her life in the seedy part of the Tenderloin in early San Francisco. Struggles, humor, all told with an artistic pen.

Christine Beatty - Misery Loves Company v.2

A tell-all story of her journey from a San Mateo boy to a worldy transgendered woman. Told unabashed. Fascinating, sad at times, yet uplifting for all who are on a similar path.

Not your Average Girl. One could not have thought of a better title!

Christine Beatty - Not your Average Girl. Autobiographz

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Christine Beatty – the movie producer

Christine’s passion for movies has shown in her role as a producer and sometimes director. Graduating Valley Village College with honors, she produced several short firms.

Among which is this fabulous documentary POKER QUEENS, currently on Amazon Prime. Directed by Sandra Mohr and produced by Christine Beatty, it delves into the exclusive and elusive world of professional poker players. Most importantly, the role or absence of women in high stake Las Vegas tournaments.

The idea was conceived by Sandra Mohr, who herself, is a professional female poker player. Realizing she is in the minority, her and Christine teamed up to show just how interesting this subject can be.

Featuring: : Jennifer Tilly, Kristen Bicknell, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, Loni Harwood, Kelly Minkin, Gillian Epp, Kathy Liebert, Esther Taylor, Angelica Hael, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, Susan Faber, Sia Layta, Kristy Arnett, Kayla Voogd, Lexy Gavin, Muskan Sethi, Joey Ingram, Elliot Roe, Steve Blay, Jeff Boski, and Ryan Depaulo.

Documentary Poker Queens by Sandra Mohr and Christine Beatty