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Even if you live outside of Los Angeles, you can now take guitar lessons with your favorite guitar teacher

"Rynata plays solos that some guys can ONLY dream of achieving! A true mistress of the fingerboard"

Learn Theory, Harmony, Chord Construction, Scales, Shredding, Arpeggios, Tapping, Songs and more..

On-Line with Skype

Download Skype
Download Skype

Online Guitar Lessons via Skype are here !

Beginning Guitarists to Advanced Guitar Players, Heavy Metal to Country -- I have the guitar lessons you need to advance your guitar playing.

If you are just starting out learning guitar and can't come to my studio in person... Skype lessons are a great alternative. For any level guitarist. I teach beginners to advanced guitarists from all over the world and we love our Skype lessons.

Learning guitar online has quite a few advantages.
No travel time. Just turn on your computer, set up your sound and dial in. It also means fewer missed lessons or appointments. Especially during the flu season when the teacher as well as the students cancel lessons due to illnesses.

Students who use online lessons
commit to a more consistent lesson schedule. Consistency and practice are everything when you are learning guitar. I have had some really promising guitar students drop out because they just didn't have the time and energy to continue their studies, while holding down a full time job. Mostly due to travelling, traffic, events and so on. No more taking an hour a day or more to get to me. Other things don't conflict, like sporting events they don't want to miss. Just schedule the online lesson around it.

A huge selling point for online lessons
is the fact that guitar students can record the lessons, then play them back later and practice along with it.

I cannot stress enough,
that once you get used to online tutoring, iron out the small kinks that might appear at first, you'll never look back. It is just too convenient. And it does retain the personal touch that guitar lessons in person offer.

One caveat however:
sofar.. Skype is a one-way communication tool. Which means that only 1 person can talk or play at the same time. It does exclude playing together as of now. I don't find this particularly problematic since most of the times either I or the student plays. I show something, he/she tries to copy it etc.etc. I also provide backing tracks which are sent to the student ahead of time so they can play along with a demo of a lesson while I listen.

Guitar students used to only consider potential guitar teachers
within a 20 mile radius from their homes, but now take lessons from teachers, and some very famous ones, in other cities or across the oceans. And children learn online as well. Parents simply put their child in front of a computer for lessons rather than driving them. Which is great for busy parents and kid guitar students.

I teach guitar students all over the world and love the ability to connect outside of my immediate area for lessons. Soon... this will be the norm for learning and teaching.

So what are you waiting for?
Get Skype -- get connected -- and get a'rocking!

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