Excerpt out of Promised Land

unique | vision is everything
controversial - metal techno
experience the power

blistering - massive - innovative
- shredding - melodic guitar !

"Glamazon comes screaming at you with a hard hitting cyber rock style. Maybe the only cyber rock band around. They consist of 2 women guitarists and sound like they have way more in the band, due to their great amount of talent"

Glamazon comes at you with the musical force of a hurrican! Founded in 1995 by transgendered leadsinger/guitarist/writer Christine Beatty and female guitarist S.R., they created a rock spectacle that was ahead of its time and still amazes audiences world wide! The pairing of one of the best female guitarists with a transsexual front person, gives the rock audiences much to wonder about. Their material combines agressive metal with sophisticated electronica and midi equipment. 'A super-sonic experience' as several critics put it. Granted, Glamazon could easily be dismissed as a 'Novelty' act or full of 'Gimmickry' but make no mistake: Those two rock divas SHRED and their material is stellar.

Christine was born a boy and transitioned into a beautiful, talented woman. Her experiences as a transgendered woman are detailed in her extensive writing as well as song material for Glamazon. She is a most respective advocate in the transgendered community and tirelessly furthers the cause of all. She is a published author and recently founded Glamazon Press, a publishing company, that not only showcases her works as a writer but also gives an opportunity to other transgendered writers and artists to put their works out there. Music is one of Christine's greatest passions and she found a worthy outlet in Glamazon.